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Alice H.

They were very good,excellent on the set-up.

Brandy Stargell

<Trisha>.... Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your outstanding customer service, your hard work and your determination. I am so proud to know you.

Carroll L.

Tricia - she was more like our friend than a salesperson. She was wonderful. She was always there.

Charles P.

The people were very good and understanding helping me get my home. They really worked with me.

Chastity T.

I had a good experience.

Gayle B.

They did an excellent job getting it in here and took care of all the issues

John L.

They made the whole deal easy.

Larry H.

Good customer service from John. He did an outstanding job helping us with everything.

Larry K.

They were very nice, did everything they said they would do.

Linwood & Freida Johnson

Dear John & Eddie, thanks so much for our beautiful new home. We love it! Linwood & Freida Johnson Montross, VA

Linwood Johnson

John was excellent from the begining to the end,very professional as well as friendly, he kept us informed and I think he deserves a raise.

Mark M.

The lady I dealt with, Cherry, she helped me every step of the way.

Phyllis C.

Tricia was extremly nice, very helpful, answered every question I had, was very honest. The whole crew has been fantastic.

Rodney J.

It's really a nice house, well built and everything.

Russell F.

I already recommended, we enjoyed the experience, they were very attentive and did everything we wanted.

Sierra Monique H.

Overall good experience. John was good and honest.

Susan B.

We've already recommended, we really like the saleslady Tricia, she was very responsive and bent over backwards to do what we asked, they're very friendly, very down-home.